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I feel honored and privileged to have the option to be especially selective about the dates that I accept. My intention being to share the finest experiences, I am available for a few suitors with whom I feel I will have a great chemistry.

In order to ensure we have adequate time to get particulars out of the way, I recommend planning a few weeks in advance, this ensures that we'll be able to meet at the time that suits you best, and it also allows anticipation to build.

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Contact information & website address of a reference you have seen recently that have accepted to vouch for you OR your LinkedIn profile.
If you don't have any reference or a LinkedIn profile, some more screening options will be provided.

*Deposits are non refundable unless due to some unforeseeable reasons that I have to cancel. In that case you will receive a full refund.

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Simply a loving alluring woman. She spoke with such a soft and sweet french tantalizing accent. To the eyes you can see an extremely refined person that takes tremendous pride in her health and appearance. Very endearing natural toned body with true curves. Pics are completely legitimate. No shyness at all, without hesitation, very gentle and affectionate sweetheart.

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